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Promising outlook for the summer as inflation falls

Pressure on retail continues to drop as the ONS reports the lowest yearly rate in CPIH in nearly three years, providing an ample growth opportunity.

Nearly one in four households struggling

Despite grocery price inflation hitting its lowest rate in over two years, nearly one in four households claim they still are struggling, according to Kantar.

Product of the Year finds the emotions driving sales

Product of the Year has identified the key emotions that have been behind driving sales over the past 12 months in retail in a new consumer poll.
Data analysts indicate a slow start to the year, with shoppers still cautious on spend. Picture: Shutterstock.com/1000 Words

Challenging start to trading year

Industry chiefs are warning retailers of challenging economic times ahead as figures from the Scottish Retail Consortium show there was a disappointing finish to 2023 for store bosses.
Nielsen reckons there will be a strong performance over Christmas despite the rising costs.

Hope for the Golden Quarter at Christmas, say analysts

The worst of inflation appears to be easing, according to official figures. And despite high prices, analysts are predicting a strong Christmas performance.

Waiting game on grocery prices

Food inflation is steadily ticking down but the grocery price storm isn't over yet warns industry leaders and grocery specialists.
Scotland top 20 FMCG 2023

Top 20 FMCG brands in Scotland 2023

Kantar research reveals the FMCGs (fast moving consumer goods) that are most frequently chosen by the nation's consumers
Inflation may be dipping but consumer confidence is plummeting.

Consumer confidence falls ahead of Golden Quarter

While inflation has been falling there are plenty of signs that consumer confidence has also dropped, with some disappointing sales figures.

A start to changes for inflation?

Overall inflation is showing signs of dropping, providing some hopeful signs for the future. However, food prices remain stubbornly high.
Food and Drink Federation Scotland chief executive David Thomson.

High food prices change shopper habits

Persistently high food and drink inflation is causing massive consumer anxiety and has affected shopping habits, according to industry experts.
Food and Drink Federation Scotland chief executive David Thomson.

Food prices spark alarm

Industry experts have voiced concerns after food inflation hit its highest rate in over 45 years, according to official data.
shopping basket

Grocery inflation hits new record high

According to the latest Kantar market research, grocery price inflation sat at 16.7% during the four weeks to 22 January.
A shopper pushes a trolley full of groceries with holding a mobile phone

Hopeful signs for the future in grocery retail

Grocery price inflation has dropped for the second month running, showing promising signs, as reported by Kantar Data.
Clipper tea

Tea makes an organic choice

Organic options have been on the up since the end of the pandemic, bringing plenty of choices across tea.
a shopping trolley infront of a christmas tree

Savvy shoppers look for discounts this Christmas

A larger growth in shopping as we approach Christmas is now expected as more consumers aim for the best deal possible.

Shoppers seek the cheapest

Consumers continue to seek out the cheapest way to do their shops as they contend with rising grocery prices.