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Tag: Perfetti Van Melle

Chupa Chups moves into jellies with new sweets

Global confectionery brand Chupa Chups has made a bold new step into the jellies market with the launch of its new Laces and Belts ranges.

Chupa Chups switches on a new flavour

Perfetti Van Melle is out to offer consumers a playlist of all its hit Chupa Chups flavours with the launch of its new Flavour Playlist XXL lollipop.

Mentos opens up to sharing

Perfetti Van Melle is set to grow the opportunity for confectionery sharing as the firm rolls out new Pouch Bags sharing packs across the Mentos brand.

Fruit-tella Sticks to expansion with Berries & Cherry

Global confectioner Perfetti Van Melle has expanded on the Fruit-tella Berries & Cherry variant with a new on-the-go Stick format pack.

Mentos bursts with flavours

Perfetti Van Melle aims to drive consumer engagement with the Mentos brand with the launch of its new Discovery sweets, which feature 14 different flavours.
Perfetti Van Melle reckons its range should suit the different consumer demands.

Making the most of sugar confectionery

The sugar confectioney category remains one of the biggest drivers of impulse decisions for convenience store shoppers – and retailers should capitalise by having a good variety, says Perfetti Van Melle.

PVM has valued advice in good value

Perfetti Van Melle offers retailers tips on how to drive up confectionery sales over the festive period with a strong stock of PMP options in store.

Perfetti Van Melle has a sweet match for missions

Confectionery giant Perfetti Van Melle has recommended retailers to keep the sweets section well varied to help match different shopper missions.

Perfetti Van Melle is building up the sweet options

Perfetti Van Melle aims to help convenience retailers grab consumers attention in store to help drive impulse sales for confectionery.
Product of the Year winners

Consumer choice across the market

Shoppers have made their call on their favourite products for 2023, bringing retailers plenty of opportunities to stock up on some popular choices for stores.

Curious new launch

Perfetti Van Melle (PVM) brand Fruittella has expanded into the jelly category for the first time.

Making the deal sweeter

Purse strings are getting tighter this year but retailers can still drive up some sales, according to sweets giant Perfetti Van Melle (PVM).
Mentos sour gum

Sweet hopes for sour gum

Confectionery giant Perfetti Van Melle (PVM) has launched Mentos Sour Gum in response to the increasing popularity of the sub-category.
packets of mentos mini sweets

More minis to go for Mentos and Smint

Confectionary giant Perfetti Van Melle has introduced new formats for two of its most popular brands Mentos and Smint
Maltesers and Chewits

Preparation breeds seasonal success

Confectionery still king at Halloween as shoppers stock up on seasonal treats early, ahead of a likely increase in children going door-to-door post Covid
range of confectionery

Display, range and embracing change

SUGAR confectionery is a core category in the convenience channel and therefore worthy of an extra bit of attention.