Chupa Chups brings a Sour Bite in new sweets

Lollipop brand expands on its jellies range

Chupa Chups has expanded on its introduction to the jellies category within confectionery with the launch of its new Sour Bites and Tubes variants.

LOLLIPOP brand Chupa Chups has extended its jellies range with the addition of two new sour variants.

The two new launches, set to be unveiled at GroceryAid Barcode Festival 2024, will see Chupa Chups Sour Bites and Chupa Chups Sour Tubes Mini heading to confectionery shelves across the UK.

Coming in a selection of format sizes including 30g, 120g PMP packs and 130g packs, the new range offers a range of prices to fit for consumers budgets sitting at 70p RRP, £1.25 price-marked and £1.50 RRP respectively.

The new launches follow swiftly on from Chupa Chups initial entrance into the jellies market which saw the brand introduce a new range of Sour Belts and Laces. Perfetti Van Melle, the firm behind Chupa Chups, said the new sour sweets offer a “shrewd piece” of confectionery innovation from the brand.

To further support the launch, Chupa Chups Sour Bites and Tubes will build on the brand’s foray into the gaming space with its own original world in the massively popular online game Roblox with the Chupa Chups: Skate & Create.

The game encourages players to skate and get creative in a virtual city, helping to build brand awareness for Chupa Chups with a key market of younger shoppers and introduce the new launches at the same time.

Influencer Skate & Create live streams will also be part of this to further highlight the new Sour launches.

Kim McMahon, brand manager at Chupa Chups, said: “Following the buzz of Chupa Chups Belts and Laces earlier this year, we’re thrilled to grow our jellies offering with Sour Bites and Tubes.

“We pride ourselves in launching on-trend innovations, and this range taps into the rise in popularity of sour flavours, appealing to our adventurous young audience to experiment with new candy formats.”