Scotland’s top alcohol brands: 8, 9 & 10

Spotlight on the top Scottish alcohol drink brands of 2023 featuring brands eight, nine and 10

8. Jura

VARIED selections clearly pay off in whisky as that is just what the Jura brand offers.

Retaining its place as No.8 from last year, Jura boasts a wide range of drams that consumers can make the most of –and parent firm Whyte & Mackay reckons this appeal works.

Matt Sinclair, commercial director at Whyte & Mackay, said: “There is a Jura whisky to suit wherever you are on your whisky journey, which we know appeals and attracts consumers both into the brand and the wider whisky category.”

9. McEwan’s

STRENGTH of a brand not only covers the flavour but there is also a matter of heritage to consider when it comes to Scottish consumers.

That’s just part of the reason why Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company (CMBC) reckons its McEwan’s brand has entered into Kantar’s top 10 list once again this year.

Chris Pratt, VP off-trade and e-commerce at CMBC, said: “First brewed in 1856, McEwan’s stands as a prime example of a Scottish brand with a long, celebrated history, securing a special bond with drinkers across the UK.

“Building on this strong reputation and brand awareness, the distinctive taste of our two brews, McEwan’s Champion and McEwan’s Export, ensures our drinkers’ loyalty.”

It’s been a strong year for the McEwan’s Champion brew in particular, according to Pratt, with Nielsen reporting an 11.3% growth in value sales for the year to 7 October.

Not only has this been a strong performer in Scotland, Pratt also noted that Champion has been seeing a great deal of success beyond the border in regions across England.

He said: “It’s been an exceptional year for McEwan’s Champion, with its growth of +11.3% in value, securing its spot as the top dark-style premium bottled ale in its category.

“Originating in Scotland, McEwan’s Champion resonates with drinkers across the UK, boasting an impressive 84% of sales outside of Scotland.

“As value and volume continue to rise in pivotal English regions – exemplified by a 20.6% value increase in the south and south-east – McEwan’s Champion truly lives up to its name.”

10. Grant’s Whisky

ESTABLISHED in 1887 when William Grant opened his first distillery alongside his seven sons and two daughters, Grant’s Whisky rounds off Kantar’s list for 2023.

Grant’s range includes a plethora of blended whisky options for consumers to raise their glasses to, including its core Triple Wood – which comes in a variety of ages, too – the Tropical Fiesta expression and Summer Orange.

Now distilled in Girvan since 1963, the brand has come a long way since its roots but continues to satisfy its customers with every dram of the golden liquid poured into their glasses.