Predicting the future

virtual reality
By 2030, virtual reality headsets could be commonplace in stores in the UK.

NOT content with forecasting what trends will be big in 2020, research firm Mintel has predicted the issues that will be important to consumers in the year 2030.

The firm reckons that over the next decade, wellbeing will prove increasingly crucial- with personalised meal kits becoming the norm in convenience.

Technology will also, unsurprisingly, be key, with virtual reality and unmanned stores expected to be mainstream by 2030.

Mintel also anticipated the importance of ‘rights’, with a rise in consumer backlash as shoppers use social media to air their frustrations with brands.

Shoppers of the future will also be increasingly interested in the idea of ‘identity’.

According to Mintel: “As more people move away from rigid definitions of identity, companies and brands will respond with more inclusive images and messaging that speaks to the authenticity consumers crave.”

By 2030, value will be a crucial consideration for shoppers, who are likely to pay more in order to get greater longevity from their purchases. Quality and authenticity will be indispensable.

Finally, Mintel predicted that consumers will want to seek out greater ‘experiences’.

“No longer should ‘the experiential’ be diminished as a mere marketing tool, consumers are experiencing powerful emotional connections to brands that are creating a point of differentiation.”