A big year for Merrydown

Double-digit growth in Scottish stores

Merrydown Original and Dry


THE last year has been a tough one for some cider brands in Scotland, but for SHS Drinks things are going as well as could be hoped north of the border.

Merrydown cider is storming ahead of the market according to Nielsen Scantrack figures, provided by brand-owner SHS Drinks.

The firm has reported volume sales in the impulse sector in Scotland were up 50% over the last 12 months, with value sales increasing by 61% over the same period.

Nick White, head of alcohol brand marketing at SHS Drinks, was bullish about the brand’s performance in Scotland.

“While Merrydown has been performing strongly all across Britain, to be growing in Scotland at three times the brand’s overall growth rate of 17% is quite something.”

Strong double-digit growth for the brand in Scottish stores has led to Scotland accounting for 21% of Merrydown’s total volume sales in impulse according to White, who added that SHS Drinks has started to produce the cider in Scotland.

“Made with the same perfect blend that has been delighting cider lovers for decades, retailers in Scotland can now stock Merrydown in the knowledge that they are supporting a locally produced cider,” he said.

“Merrydown ciders are free from artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours; they are vegetarian and vegan-friendly, and gluten free.”

Merrydown may be faring well in Scotland at the moment, but White suggested that retailers can extract even more value from the brand with a bit of care and attention.

SHS drinks believes that there is an opportunity for retailers to increase sales through merchandising.

“SHS Drinks believes that there is an opportunity for retailers to increase sales through merchandising more effectively, as data and insights show that sales of Merrydown have the potential to grow by 15-20% if Merrydown is positioned next to other heritage ciders such as Henry Westons, Thatchers and Aspall.”

Merrydown Dry bottle and glass