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Stowford Press apple cider

PMP for pint cans

Stowford Press Apple Cider is now available in a price-marked four pack.

Trio of new ciders

PREMIUM cider brand Henry Westons has been expanded with the launch of three new variants
Merrydown Original and Dry

A big year for Merrydown

The last year has been a tough one for some cider brands in Scotland, but for SHS Drinks things are going as well as could be hoped north of the border.

Adding winter to core sales?

FESTIVE sales opportunities start early and continue longer than you might think for one of Scotland’s big cider providers. “The Christmas season constitutes a full...

Mulling it over until January

TRADITIONAL cider brand Henry Westons has relaunched its Mulled Cider for the winter season. Available from now until January it’s described as a “classic...

Winter cooler

CIDER may often do well in summer but the cider firms are keen to extend sales in spring, autumn and winter too. • Swedish cider Kopparberg...