Filling up on talking tacos

Old El Paso talking tacos
Talking tacos have landed on UK TV.

GOOD dinner conversation can make or break a meal, but what happens when the tortillas do the talking?

Consumers have been finding out as part of the new £15m marketing campaign for Old El Paso.

The brand has been back on screens with its new ‘Talking Tacos’ advert, which sees a dad taco complimenting a mum taco on her fillings – to the embarrassment of a daughter taco.

Brand owner General Mills said the advert has already delivered sales uplifts in the USA and Australia.

The ad debuted on 17 April and is scheduled to run into the second week of May.

Lindsay Hill, marketing manager for Old El Paso commented: “We’ve seen great success in the past year, but there’s still a huge opportunity to drive growth within the category. Our fun new ad, plus refreshed packaging, will help retailers take full advantage of this.”