Ale is right at home

MCEWAN’S brand owner Marstons reckons its brand is in the good shape to make the most of the big night in opportunity following an overhaul of the Scottish heritage brand.

The ale brand was recently revamped with a packaging redesign across McEwan’s Export, McEwan’s Headspace and McEwan’s Champion as well as point of sale materials.

Joanna Stickler, brand manager for McEwan’s suggested the refreshed range makes for an ideal purchase for customers enjoying a social gathering at home.

“The convenience of having a range of both food and drinks options available to enjoy in your own home, with friends and family for a couple of evenings is ever growing.

“Consumers have embraced the impromptu culture of – ‘let’s just stay in tonight and get a few beers in and a meal deal with a box set’.” she said.