Quality better than quantity

To emphasise the quality of the drink inside, cider firms are celebrating the people behind the brands on packs, like Stan’s at Thatchers and Friels from Aston Manor.

CONSUMERS are drinking less cider but spending more, with volumes down but the demand for quality up, says Aston Manor Cider.
And it says this makes it important for c-stores to show the provenance and quality of the ciders they are selling.
Marketing director Glen Friel said that was behind the updating of the packaging of Aston Manor’s Keystone Press.
And he said that although fruit-flavoured ciders are popular, the market has become saturated.
He explained: “Innovation is only valuable when it adds something to the market as opposed to diluting the sales of existing products, damaging consumers’ perception of the category and ultimately have a negative effect on the market.
“Our focus is on producing the best possible cider.
“We also recognise that innovation can be delivered through packaging, as with Friels First Press Vintage and how that popular product is establishing a category for craft cider in cans.”
• Somerset cider maker Thatchers has introduced two new canned ciders as part of a rejuvenation of its traditional craft cider range.
Leaf Twister is a medium-dry cider with a 5% ABV and Barrel Roller is a smooth, cloudy drink with a 6% ABV.
The range has been called Stan’s in honour of second generation cider maker Stan Thatcher.
Stan’s grandson Martin Thatcher said: “I’m sure my grandfather would be very proud to have his name on this range.
“Apple cider is still the most dominant flavour within the cider category and craft continues to attract much attention.
“Thatchers is all about the apple, and this range is demonstrating the craft credentials that come from a long line of cider makers here at Myrtle Farm.”