Games on!

LARGE sporting events can see people, often in groups, watch on in front rooms across the country.
Effective big-night-in retailing is likely to pay dividends but one difference from standard BNI activity is that it has to be maintained over a sustained period.
But, back to basics. Check that you are well stocked with of the big-night-in mainstays – long drinks, soft drinks, snacks, easy meals and confectionery, with special consideration given to sharing sizes and to chilled drinks.
If you think it suits your customer base consider developing a special bay or area containing big-night-in products across several categories. Such a cross-category area cannot contain alcohol, of course, but it could be positioned close to, but still outside, the alcohol area. It can all help encourage customers to pick up products to make their night in a bit special.
On the games themselves use POS materials provided by those brands that are involved commercially with the Olympics or with Olympic teams such as Team GB.
However don’t forget you may also have customers who follow other teams. It could, for example, be worth boosting your supply of continental beers.
Dressing the store in the colours of Brazil – blue white and yellow –could help support the party atmosphere too.
If you have special games-period deals running use your different methods of communication, including social media, to get the message out there.

Encona Brazilian BBQ Sauce
Encona’s Brazilian BBQ Sauce, growing by 11% a year, says the brand owner.
• Coca-Cola Enterprises trade communications manager, Donna Pisani said: “Retailers should look to stock up on sharing formats, such as 1.75L PET bottles and 330ml-can multipacks, as consumers look to cater for large groups.”
She stressed the importance of having adequate amounts of drinks she considers must-stocks, including Coca-Cola, and the increasing importance of low-sugar and zero-sugar options.

• Addo Food Group reckons sharing snack packs of meat snacks are ideal for big nights in and says its Pork Farms’ four-pack mini pork pies and Wall’s four-pack sausage rolls are standout performers.

• The team behind hot pepper sauce brand Encona suggests there will be huge interest in all things Brazilian this summer. Sales of its Brazilian BBQ Sauce, launched in 2014 for the World Cup are growing by 11% year on year, it says.