Relish the Stateside opportunities

Frenchs-Relish-New-York-Deli-PickleAS the world food market has opened up, people have become more adventurous and are no longer content with standard tomato ketchup or mayonnaise for their barbecues, according to Nick Thomas, sales and marketing director at Empire Bespoke Foods.
“There has undoubtedly been a big US food trend sweeping through the UK restaurant scene and with Americana-style barbecuing now gaining traction in homes, a range of authentic US condiments, marinades and sauces has to be a priority for convenience stores to entice customers to upscale their barbecue feast,” he said.
Empire Bespoke Foods has just introduced a trio of new French’s relishes including a Texas Jalapeno Tomato Relish, a Californian Sweet Onion Relish and a New York Deli Relish.

• Heather Soutar of Baxters, which licenses Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauces in the UK, reckons British barbie fans always look to America for inspiration.
She said: “Look at the way low and slow cooking has taken off, for example. Low and slow is most definitely here to stay. America also leads the way when it comes to sauces, too.
“Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce is the original US brand that entered the UK market and is still the number-one premium sauce in the category.”