Marshmallow Mateys sails to the UK

American cereal brand launches in UK market

Pack shots of Marshmallow Mateys cereal.
American sweet cereal brand Malt O Meal Marshmallow Mateys has made its way over to the UK market via Empire Bespoke Foods.

ICONIC breakfast cereal Malt O Meal Marshmallow Mateys is set to make its way to the UK as food importer Empire Foods Bespoke rolls it out to the UK’s convenience sector.

Already an established favourite in the States, the frosted whole grain oat cereal delivers a sweet, toasted oat flavours with marshmallow chunks for an extra sweet indulgence.

Available at £3.75 RRP per 320g pack, Marshmallow Mateys are available direct to independents and through wholesales including Glencrest, Dhamecha, Bestway and others.

Madina Kaiumova, brand manager for USA & cupboard at Empire Bespoke Foods, said: “Marhsmallow Mateys brings something new to the breakfast table and is the perfect way to make breakfast fun.

“The combination of its popular toasted oat flavour with delicious sweet marshmallows certainly brings something new to the breakfast table.”

The new launch comes at a key time as more consumers are seeking at-home breakfast solutions, over on-the-go, as The Working Life data show that 93% of people are eating breakfast at home driven by a greater move towards more flexible and remote working opportunities.

Kaiumova said: “Around 85% of people eat breakfast cereals with 88% of those consumers them at least once a week.

“This include an impressive 29% who eat them once a day or more and 50% who eat them at least four times a week.

“Marshmallow Mateys is loved by kids and adults like, and as well as being a great start to the day, it’s a delicious treat any time of the day.”