PET extensions take the party outdoors

KisssingTreeZinfRoseAS more people socialise outdoors during summer – with barbecues and garden parties at home and by attending outdoor concerts or having picnics on days out – wine importer and distributor CWF has extended its range of 18.7cl PET bottles of its Kissing Tree wine.
Marketing manager Amy Ledger said: “The PET format is perfect for operators who want to offer a choice of wines suitable for travel, outdoors such as the beach, picnics or garden, and other occasions where glass bottles are not suitable.”
As well as introducing new wines in the PET packs the range has had a packaging refresh for summer 2016 with a new label and more modern look.
Latest additions to the range are Californian Zinfandel Rose, South African Cabernet Sauvignon and South African Chenin Blanc.
Ledger said: “Kissing Tree has been one of our recent success stories.
“Adding the new varietals to the PET format gives consumers the best of both worlds – a great range of wines to choose from in a format that is convenient for consumers to enjoy either in or outside of the home.”
CWF has also extended its Silver Bay Point wine range.
“For those looking for a lower ABV option there is our Silver Bay Point brand, a light British wine with an abv of 8%, available in red, white and rose in 75cl bottles and Bag in Box,” said Ledger.
“We have recently introduced three fruity new variants: Silver Bay Point White with Mango and Peach natural fruit flavours, Silver Bay Point Rosé with Raspberry and Lemon natural fruit flavours, and a second Silver Bay Point Rosé with Cherry and Kiwi natural fruit flavours.”
To have a successful summer retailers should stock appropriate products for their customers and should regularly review wine displays, she said.