Warbies most wanted again


WARBURTONS has repeated its 2013 performance and has been named the UK’s most-chosen brand.

Research group Kantar’s annual survey of international markets’ favourite fast-moving consumer goods, called Brand Footprint, shows that Warbies’ bakery products make it into 86% of UK shopping baskets an average of 25 times a year.
The researcher says the survey of take-home shopping patterns shows British shoppers’ commitment to national brands. Six out of the top 10 brands – McVitie’s, Hovis, Kingsmill, Walkers and Cadbury Dairy Milk – originated in the UK even if they are now part of larger multinationals.
The UK’s top 10 chosen brands are: 1 Warburtons; 2 Heinz; 3 McVitie’s; 4 Hovis; 5 Kingsmill; 6 Birds Eye; 7 Muller; 8 Walkers; 9 Coca-Cola; 10 Cadbury Dairy Milk.
Coca-Cola remains the world’s most-chosen brand, top in eight markets including the United States. Colgate is global number two.