Sporty types drive functional demand

Liverpool captain and Lucozade Sport brand ambassador Steven Gerrard is the face of the £10m Fuel to Rule advertising campaign.

AN increased in demand for functional products has made sports and energy the fastest- growing sub-sector in soft drinks, as well as across total grocery, according to Lucozade Ribena Suntory Ltd.

Within the segment Lucozade is the UK’s leading sports and energy drink brand according to Nielsen, the firm says. The brand owner credits “its ability to connect and engage with its core adult consumers through highly relevant and targeted marketing campaigns,” as central to its success.
Lucozade Sport’s most recent promotion is the the £10m Fuel to Rule campaign, which sees Liverpool and England midfielder, Steven Gerrard, returning as brand ambassador.
“No one represents determination quite like him,” said Georgina Thomas, Lucozade category director, “so he was a perfect fit for the campaign, particularly with the fuel and hydration challenges the Brazilian heat will throw at Gerrard and the team.
“As the nation’s favourite sports drink, we are absolutely part of British sport at all levels and as such wanted to represent this spread in the campaign.
“With the TV spot we aim to inspire consumers who participate in a range of sports and exercise activity to perform to the best of their ability through the power of fuel, hydration and determination. The ad will end on the product benefit: Enhances Hydration, Fuels Performance.”
Lucozade Energy has a separate promotional push, the £10m Yes Moment campaign, covering TV, cinema and outdoor slots until August. There is also an on-pack offer on the core range, giving consumers the chance to win different prizes every day and every hour.
There are also new flavours tied to the World Cup: Lucozade Sport now comes in Brazilian Guava while Lucozade Energy offers what the brand owner calls “The Brazilian” – Mango & Mandarin.
• Milk-based drinks are becoming popular after a work-out, according to Enco Products, the producer of nutritionally enriched milk drink Nurishment.
And the firm argues the growth has been fuelled by the development of Nurishment Active, an enriched milk drink specially formulated to help the body recover after exercise.
Developed, says the company, to help sporty consumers “get back their spark”, low-fat Nurishment Active contains 35g of protein per pack, as well as 22 vitamins and minerals.
“The soft drinks market is evolving, with interest in sporting activity at a high and consumers now seeking innovative, functional products which are specifically formulated to aid their performance,” said Nyree Chambers, head of marketing for Enco Products.
“This includes products which help their bodies recover after exercise.”