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Tag: Energy drinks

Boost Energy is available in a range of formats.

Flexibility over energy category pays off, says Boost Drinks

Energy firm Boost Drinks offers insights on ways convenience store retailers can make the most of the category through consumer trends and behaviour.

Red Bull opens on flavour in Winter Edition

Red Bull has some summer love for the launch of its new The Winter Edition with tips on how to signpost the energy drinks range across stores.

Britvic stimulates energy spend

Britvic offers retailers tips on how to effectively drive up sales across the energy category in stores to make the most out of the channel in convenience.

Barr Brus up interest

Barr Soft Drinks looks to boost up some energy drink sales across the convenience channel with the launch of its new PWR BRU range.
Red Bull offers a variety of flavours and formats for customers.

Red Bull ‘energises soft drinks profits’

Energy drinks giant Red Bull is advising c-store retailers to stay stocked up on a variety of format sizes and emphasised the importance of multipacks.
Red Bull reckons having the right range will ensure a shop's energy drinks section is ready to meet summer demands.

Build up energy drinks for summer, says Red Bull

Energy drinks giant Red Bull offers advice to convenience retailers on how to ensure shoppers can easily get what they want in the category.

Stimulate sales with energy drink variations

Soft drinks firms set out the key trends that retailers should keep note of to help bring in an extra boost for their energy drinks sections in stores.
Variety in energy goes beyond flavour as Red Bull reckons can size counts, too.

Red Bull advises spending time and energy on range

Energy drinks giant Red Bull is advising convenience retailers to stock a variety of flavours and can sizes to satisfy consumer demands and drive up profits.


A newly discovered super-tea-leaf is the secret ingredient behind a new arrival to the energy market

Facing up to winter demands

BOOST Drinks has launched a limited-edition Boost Winter Spice energy drink that the firm says will bring a new dimension to the market and...

Five years of growth

CALLING sports and energy the biggest category in soft drinks within c-stores, Red Bull has predicted five years of continued growth for energy drinks. Category...

Scottish brand looks for a boom

DYNAMITE Energy Drink, launched in 2013 by Glasgow businessman Athif Sarwar and Garvies Soft Drinks quickly developed into an international success as well as...

Flavour above all

And consumers are looking for low or zero-calorie drinks FLAVOUR is the top reason for choice of soft drinks and exotic twists in its products...

Sampling boost for students

STUDENTS are being lined up as new recruits to the energy drinks sector in a sampling programme from Boost. A spokesperson said: “This year is...

Bursting on to the scene

ENERGY drinks fans are looking for more flavour says Al Gunn of Boost Drinks. And he reckons Boost’s new Cherry Burst will give independent retailers...
Red Bull Tropical Edition

Tropical energy

RED Bull has added a tropical-flavour line to its enegry drinks range. Head of category marketing at Red Bull Gavin Lissimore said: “Red Bull Tropical...