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Bottle of cider and alcopop

MUP goes live

Industry rolls out new pricing regime
Shona Robison

Prepare for new pricing regime

MINIMUM Unit Pricing comes into force from next month and both government and industry have been gearing up for the change by launching online guides for retailers

SG opinion: Minimising MUP’s impact on stores

Tennent’s brand owner Norman Loughery offers insight on policy

50p MUP confirmed

ScotGov settles on original price proposal THE minimum price for one unit of alcohol in Scotland will be 50pm from 1 May, Scottish Government health...
Lord Advocat James Wolffe

One last bout over minimum pricing

UK Supreme Court hears SWA’s appeal on MUP WHAT should be the final tussle over Scottish Government legislation on Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for alcohol...

MUP will hit over half of drinks

MORE than half of off-trade alcohol sold in Scotland is being sold for less than 50p a unit, the figure set for minimum unit...

Minimum prices given go-ahead

- Strong cider price could jump 220% - Mainstream supermarket and discounter prices will also see hikes PLANS to implement Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol in Scotland...

Court gives minimum pricing go-ahead

PLANS to implement Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol in Scotland have been given the green light by the Scottish courts. The Court of Session in...
SCOTLAND’S plans to introduce a minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol if legal challenges are defeated. But Westminster will not proceed with MUP.

Wales seeks MUP

As the Scottish Government and its opponents wait for the European Court of Justice to give a verdict on the Scotch Whisky Association’s challenge...