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Soothing solutions from Jakemans

Lanes Health helps retailers prepare ahead for the incoming flu season with its range of Jakemans throat lozenges to help soothe a sore throat.

Sweets to count on with Rose Marketing and Lanes Health

Special considerations should be taken into account to help drive up confectionery sales this summer according to manufacturer firms.

Sugar free throat relief

Throat lozenge brand Jakemans has launched a new sugar-free variant of its Throat & Chest flavour.
Jakemans sweets

Winter bugs strike back

One of the quirks of social distancing measures throughout last winter was a decline in consumers picking up run of the mill colds.

A place on the shop floor

Sweets that soothe market hits £105m as firms get set for medicated confectionery’s hottest months of the year OFFERING comfort to those afflicted by winter...