Winter bugs strike back

Preparing for coughs and colds

Jakemans sweets

ONE of the quirks of social distancing measures throughout last winter was a decline in consumers picking up run of the mill colds.

Lockdown measures and an increased focus on hygiene prevented many consumers from picking up seasonal illnesses, but this winter could be a different story.

Elizabeth Hughes-Gapper, brand manager for medicated confectionery brand Jakemans, suggested that habits picked up during lockdown could see consumers turn to c-stores this winter, should they pick up a seasonal bug.

“The pandemic influenced consumer purchasing behaviours, with people predominantly looking to make their purchases in one store, rather than visiting numerous shops.

“Therefore, c-store retailers can benefit from this behaviour due to their stock availability and convenience with a growth in frequency of visits from consumers looking to top up their ‘big shop’. As they are easy to access, shoppers could pick up their OTC products alongside their essential food items,” she said.

Retailers should expect to see an uptick in seasonal illnesses, according to Hughes-Gapper, who reckons a knock-on effect of the successful Covid vaccine rollout will be an increase in public interaction and a more relaxed attitude towards hygiene.

“As behaviours and attitudes change and consumers spend more time outside the home and in the company of others, rates of ailments, such as sore throats and coughs are likely to increase,” she said.

To ensure they’re able to cater to customers winter remedy needs, Hughes-Gapper suggested retailers stock up on Jakemans SKUS adding that the brand offers different formats to cater to different needs.

“We offer a range of different product formats, such as 100g bag formats that offer great value for money and stick packs for convenience.

“Stick packs offer an easy on-the-go solution for consumers looking to soothe the symptoms of a sore throat whilst on the move.

“All Jakemans products are also sold in shelf-ready packaging making it easy to display on shelf,” she said.