Thursday, August 5, 2021

Tag: Irn-Bru

Irn Bru advert

Barr issues a challenge

How do you describe the indescribable? That is the latest challenge from Irn-Bru.
Irn Bru Euros 2020 advert

A first for many with Irn-Bru

Scotland’s presence at a major sports championship may be a distant memory for most, but AG Barr is targeting Scots who will be watching Scotland compete in the Euros for the first time with the launch of a new campaign.
Irn Bru 1901

It’s back for good

IRN-Bru 1901 is back, now as a permanent addition to AG Barr’s soft drink portfolio.

Binning the plastic

AG Barr has taken its sustainability pledge one step further by announcing all of its consumer multipacks will be packaged in 100% recycled shrink wrap by the end of this year

Irn Bru fan ads on the telly

AG BARR has revealed the five winners of its’ Irn-Bru Gets You Famous’ competition, with each contestant’s home-made advert airing during Alan Call’s Epic Gameshow on STV

Bru fans in new ad

AG BARR has been asking Irn-Bru fans to star in a new television advert as part of its latest campaign for the brand
AG Barr has revived its Irn-Bru Gets You Through campaign during the lockdown.

Get through with a Bru

Brand brings back campaign for COVID

Taste of the summer

THIS summer will see two new variants of Irn-Bru Xtra land on shelves following a consumer poll to choose the limited-edition flavours

Old recipe Bru coming soon.

THE recipe for Irn-Bru has been something of a headline grabber and AG Barr has decided to roll things back – way back. This Christmas,...

New Bru for Christmas

Limited edition Irn-Bru for the festive season

Awards Profile: Innovation Award

Winner: Oaka Supercity Supported by: Philip Morris

‘It is social media that’s got us here’

Stenhousemuir store celebrates 10,000 Facebook likes .

The rise and rise of energy drinks

Strong demand in Scottish convenience .

Thousands of prizes on Irn-Bru packs

Shoppers have the chance to win thousands of Irn-Bru branded prizes ranging from beach towels and fanny packs to can coolers and eye-catching ‘Bru-nicorn’ lilos

An energetic new Bru coming soon

Two variants of the new energy drink will launch in July

An Irngetic new release – Irn-Bru Energy is here

The Scottish soft drinks market is set for a major shake-up after AG Barr announced the launch of Irn-Bru Energy