More questions than answers

2019 proved to be another year of uncertainty, with the impact of Brexit, DRS and the promotions ban still unclear
With plain packs and dark gantries, staff knowledge is critical.

After the smoke has cleared

Emerging trends post-EUTPD II
Scotfresh uses a single supplier – Liberty Flights – for all its e-cigarettes across its store estate. Six lines account for more than 50% of sales.

Keep simple and make it visible

THE vaping market is now worth almost £160m in the UK, according to the latest findings from Nielsen, and is predicted to continue growing, but, we asked, how can c-stores ensure they get a share of this relatively new market?
According to JTI figures, almost 4% of adults in Scotland vape and the big companies agree that visibility is key in merchandising of e-cigarette products, preferably using a dedicated unit.

Vape sales still growing

DESPITE recent tightening of legislation around the sale and advertising of e-cigarettes and associated products, the big manufacturers are predicting continued growth.

Prepare for the new generation

UNDER UK law that follows the EU directive known as EUTPD2, from 20 May 2017 it will be illegal in the UK to sell...

Plain sales ahead

Standardised packs of tobacco products, more commonly known as plain packs, are now making their way into UK convenience stores and other tobacco retailers....

Plain packs hit c-store shelves

PLAIN packs, the new style of cigarettes boxes that follow standardised packaging rules set by UK authorities, and other regulations required by the European...

Too early to say on Brexit effect

THE tobacco retailing scene has already been affected by large amounts of legislation, regulation, legal challenge and appeal now there’s a chance of future...

TPD2 could cost 10,000 local jobs

Tobacco makers slam small packs ban NEW EU regulations on tobacco have been branded “illogical, counter-productive and poorly implemented” by the Tobacco Manufacturers Association. The...