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Elizabeth Shaw Twists

Nuts by the box

PREMIUM chocolate brand Elizabeth Shaw has launched a new box with some nutty flavour.

Shaw takes the biscuit

CHOCOLATIER Elizabeth Shaw has launched a new range of chocolate-covered biscuits.

Dark treats with a minty heart

CHOCOLATIER Elizabeth Shaw has launched a new dark chocolate which it is positioning as ideal for snacking on the go or as a treat. The...

Meeting the change

PRODUCT development is essential to grow the confectionery market reckons Hayley Coggins, product manager at Elizabeth Shaw. “Consumers tastes change and these changes need to...

Putting the bite on health

HEALTHY chocolate is a term that can be met with scepticism but manufacturer Elizabeth Shaw says people are eating chocolate more healthily through portion...

Adventurous consumers trading up

Longer lead times and consumers’ willingness to try new products during the festive season increases the number of Christmas products every year according to...