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Tag: DRS

RVM Systems talks DRS expertise

RVMSystems UK sales manager Gerry Mellor provides key insights across reverse vending machines and shows why the firm is a top operator when to comes to DRS.

Circularity Scotland staff launch compensation bid

Taxpayers could be footing the bill on a compensation bid from Circularity Scotland staff after the defunct firm failed to inform them of their dismissal.

Where is Scotland left on DRS?

Questions remain about the future of Scotland's deposit return scheme as retailers look for compensation over expended costs to install and run machines.

Circularity Scotland on the brink of collapse

DRS scheme administrator Circularity Scotland has confirmed it is on the brink of collapse after admitting it may not be able to pay staff this month.

Yousaf says no to DRS compensation

First Minister Humza Yousaf says there is no case for compensation over the delay to Scotland's DRS prompting outrage from the retail channel.
Scottish Grocers' Federation chief executive Pete Cheema.

Demands for DRS compensation

Industry firms have been demanding compensation from the Scottish Government after the latest announcement that DRS would be delayed until October 2025.

DRS delayed until 2025

Scottish Government has delayed DRS until October 2025 following doubts over the scheme's viability after UK Government removed glass from the scheme.

More changes in store for DRS

The Scottish Government has confirmed it will continue to work on DRS but with modifications after an "11th hour intervention" from the UK Government.

Deposit return scheme must go ahead, says administrator

Scheme administrator Circularity Scotland has said that DRS must go ahead next year after UK minsters rejected calls to include glass in the scheme.

Tomra aims to make the most of extra time

Reverse vending machine firm Tomra aims to make the most of the extension to the DRS deadline by encouraging retailers to prepare well in advance.

Time is ticking on DRS deadline

Humza Yousaf has given the Prime Minister until the end of the day to allow the inclusion of glass in the deposit return scheme or it could be scrapped.

Deposit return scheme is set for shake up

Media outlets have been reporting a major shake up to Scotland's incoming deposit return scheme as reportedly the UK Government is considering removing glass bottles from the scheme.
Scottish Grocers' Federation chief executive Pete Cheema.

Exasperation over DRS chaos

Scotland's convenience channel leaders have been speaking up as the future of the proposed Deposit Return Scheme hangs in the balance.

Industry leaders back FM’s DRS delay

Industry leaders from across the convenience channel have welcomed the new measures introduced by new First Minister Humza Yousaf, including the delay to DRS.

The ‘vital role’ of c-stores

Reverse vending machine firm Envipco talks about the benefits of an automated returns system instead of a manual one for Scotland's deposit return scheme.

Circularity Scotland claims ‘milestone’ sign-up for DRS

Circularity Scotland is claiming success for producer sign-up to the Deposit Return Scheme but many critics are still raising doubts.