Tag: Burton’s Biscuit Co

Maryland Cookies campaign

Going kookie for Maryland

Maryland Cookies is back on the small screen with the return of its ‘Keep it Kookie’ campaign.
Jammie dodgers

A cheeky campaign

Mischief is the name of the game for the new Jammie Dodgers marketing campaign. The #WitnessTheMischief campaign will see Burton’s Biscuit Co release a selection of limited-edition packs this month.
Burtons fish n chips

Sport and Vinegar

BURTON’S Biscuit Co has given its Fish ‘N’ Chips Salt & Vinegar snack brand a packaging refresh, to coincide with the busy sporting calendar of the next few months.
Paterson's shortbread packages

Paterson’s bullish about prospects

Scottish shortbread brand Paterson’s sees an opportunity in the convenience channel and it reckons retailers would do well to bolster their range
Jammie Dodger Christmas biscuit

Jammy Dodgers will be getting a festive makeover this Christmas

Burton’s Biscuit Company has unveiled the seasonal pack which will contain Jammy Dodgers embossed with three different festive designs
Wagon wheel teacakes

Takes the cake

BURTON’S Biscuit Co has hitched its wagon to the teacake category with its latest piece of NPD