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Bells rings up increased sales

Bells rings up increased sales

MEAT products and bakery are two of the categories in the Scottish market where consumers often choose Scottish brands. In meat-filled pies Bells Food Group’s...

Cutter’s new aim is true – Artificial-free flavour

FROM this month roll-your-own smokers will be able to choose tobacco brand Cutters Choice with no artificial flavours. The new Cutters Choice - A True...
Cadbury came out as the younger generation’s most favoured brand.

Old favourites for Y generation

IF you thought today’s young adults valued Facebook, Twitter iOS and Android above all else then you might have to think again. Because, while the...
Scots chocolate planned

Scots chocolate planned – New bar from Mackies

ICE cream brand Mackies is launching a chocolate bar to extend its range of indulgent treats. The company taste tested samples at the Royal...