Scottish consumers want DRS according to new poll

Data reveals over two-thirds of Scots believe a wide-ranging DRS should be introduced to boost recycling

Over two-thirds of Scots reportedly want to see a full DRS in place to help boost recycling across the whole of the UK following on from fears the scheme may see another delay to 2028.

A NEW poll from environmental campaign group Nature 2030 has revealed that over two-thirds of Scottish consumers would support the introduction of a UK-wide deposit return scheme.

Some 71% of the 1,006 Scottish adults polled by Yonder said that they would like to see a fully functional DRS that would cover plastic, metal cans as well as glass options.

The green campaigners have also claimed that the public have little faith in the UK Government to deliver on its environmental proposals to secure a green future.

Dominic Dyer, environmental activist and chair of Nature 2030, said: “The Scottish Government’s initial and wide-ranging deposit return scheme plans have the overwhelming support of the public, who are increasingly frustrated with Westminster interference.

“We cannot let constitutional arguments between London and Holyrood stand in the way of progress on the environment. All politicians should get around the table and redouble their efforts to introduce decisive green legislation to meet our net zero goals.”

Scotland’s deposit return scheme was meant to go live on 1 March this year until the Scottish Government announced a further delay to the initiative that would see the scheme align with the UK-wide go-live date of October 2025.

This date has also been thrown into dispute as reports highlight a lack of action from Westminster to begin implementation of the scheme, leading some to believe the 2025 date to be unachievable now.

Nature 2030’s report also shares the same sentiment that the scheme may not go live until 2028 now, as expected by many others in the sector.

John McNally, SNP MP for Falkirk and environmental audit committee member, said: “The Scottish people want bold action to tackle the climate emergency and to solve our waste crisis through a wide-ranging deposit return scheme.

“Rishi Sunak’s government in Westminster has run out of ideas and ambition to tackle the environmental challenges we face. Meanwhile, ministers in Whitehall play political games and ultimately hold progress back.

“The Prime Minister should listen to the overwhelming views of Scots who want him to take decisive action to meet our net zero goals and protect our planet for future generations.”