Ilchester has a cheesy makeover for Easter

Hot cross buns-inspired cheese launches in Morrisons

Ilchester Cheese, known for its Cheese Advent Calendar, has launched a new Cheddar Cheese with Blueberry & Hot Cross Bun flavour in time for Easter.

Bringing a cheesy twist to Easter this year, Ilchester Cheese has launched a new cheddar cheese block inspired by the classic spring time snack hot cross buns.

The Ilchester Cheddar Cheese with Blueberry & Hot Cross Bun flavour is available now in the deli section of Morrisons stores with a retail value of £1.35 per 100g.

The new Easter cheese is set to make a unique addition to the selection this season, adding a novelty to any Easter cheeseboard or as an extra treat to go with the eggs.

Combining Ilchester’s Cheddar Cheese with real blueberry pieces, orange peel, dark raisins and cinnamon, the West Country cheese maker reckons its new addition will make for the perfect accompaniment to the Easter Sunday dinner.

Ilchester has recommended pairing the cheese with sourdough crackers or topped on sweeter biscuits including digestives or shortbread.

And for a more indulgent option this Easter, the firm has also touted loading its cheese into croissants or melted on top of a toasted crumpet for an extra special Easter morning breakfast.

Ffion Davies, senior brand manager at Ilchester, said: “Here at Ilchester, we know a thing or two about creating the perfect blended, seasonal cheeses – we have been doing it for more than 60 years. And Easter is such a big event on the annual foodie calendar.

“So, our innovative master creators at our headquarters in Somerset have drawn inspiration from the popular flavours of the Easter season, combining the sweet and tangy ingredients of hot cross buns with the creaminess of our Ilchester cheddar to make the tastiest Easter delicacy – the perfect addition to any Easter 2024 celebrations.”