Cathedral City returns to the small screen

Cathedral aims to elevate the cheese occasions

Cathedral City aims to invite consumers to indulge in a cheese-filled meal time in its new ad ‘City’, which showcases ideal cheese consumption occasions.

CHEESE brand Cathedral City is back on TV screens this summer with its brand new ‘City’ marketing campaign.

The new creative will see the Saputo Dairy UK owned cheese brand return to the small screen with its new ‘City’ creative, which aims to showcase the typical cheese consumption and how Cathedral City can elevate those moments.

Saputo will invite audiences to indulge in a cheese ‘City’ moment, such as ‘Comfort City’ and ‘Flavour City’, that aims to cover consumer desires when they choose cheese for their meal. Food made with Cathedral City cheese therefore sits at the heart of this creative, from jacket potatoes with a healthy heap of the brand on top to a melting cheese toastie.

Supported by a £2.5million investment, the new ad will run across ITV, Channel 4 and Sky as well as digital TV services such as ITVX and Amazon. ‘City’ will also be seen across social media sites including TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

The ad is set to run until 7 July with Saputo estimating that it will reach 15.4million UK households during its run time, creating impressions on 83% of family households – a core audience for Cathedral City.

Abbie Pollington, senior brand manager at Cathedral City, said: “From ‘Ooze City’ to ‘Food Envy City’, the campaign will immerse audiences in the joy that Cathedral City cheese brings to our most popular meal occasions.

“Think lunchtime jacket potatoes, toasties and pasta bakes; cheese is the hero ingredient in so many hearty favourites throughout the day.

“We hope that our campaign persuades audiences to choose Cathedral City, to elevate their meals.”