Mars chews Watermelon nationwide

Mars Wrigley rolls out new Extra flavour to UK stores

Pack shots of Extra Watermelon gum including three single pack shots as well as two bottle pack shots.
Mars Wrigley has brought its Extra Watermelon to stores across the UK following an exclusive to Tesco launch last year.

MARS Wrigley has rolled out its Extra Watermelon Flavour gum to all stores across the UK following a Tesco exclusive launch last year.

The sugar-free fruity variant comes in both single pack (RRP £0.65) and bottle (RRP £2.75) formats to help introduce more fruit flavoured options into the Extra range.

The roll out is backed by a £2.1million media campaign helping to support the brand’s first ever Watermelon flavours which Mars said will demonstrate Extra’s commitment to innovation within the category. The firm has also said it will help to improve customer penetration to the category by attracting new shoppers to the gum segment.

Further to this, the global confectioner reckons the new flavour will prove a popular addition to younger demographics as LIVE data has found that fruity gum was the fastest-growing gum segment in the age group, delivering a 25% increased rate of sale.

Not only this, but LIVE has also reported that 70% of Fruity Gum has been incremental to the overall Gum category, showing the clear demand from consumers for the variant.

Lucy Sherlock, senior brand manager at Extra, said: “Our new Watermelon flavour is a bold new addition to our Fruity Gum range, arriving at a time when consumer demand for fruit flavour gum is enjoying a growth period.

“We’ve observed a surge in the popularity of Fruity Gum, now the fastest growing gum segment.

“Watermelon is out strategic response to this trend, meeting current consumer preferences whilst attracting a new, younger audience with an expanded range of fruity flavours.

“We’re supporting the launch with a new national campaign giving shoppers a chance to win mood-boosting breaks when they vote for their favourite fruity flavour.

“This includes a media spend of over £2.1million, so stock up for spring sales now.”