Fife Creamery sticks to wholehearted approach

Fife based wholesaler pledges to continue community support following its first £1500 donation

Five people stand in front of a store holding a cheque, the man on the far left is wearing a white shirt with four women all dressed in dark colours to the right of him. They hold a cheque with the Fife Creamery logo on the top right hand corner with the cheque stating: ARDROSSAN WHITELEES COMMUNITY CENTRE, ONE THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS
Family run wholesaler Fife Creamery pledges its support to local businesses with the first of its monthly donations.

FAMILY run wholesale firm Fife Creamery has pledged to continue monthly donations to good causes to acknowledge the importance of supporting local businesses.

The firm marked the first of these donations with a £1500 cheque which was donated to Ardrossan Whitlees Community Centre to help the organisation continue to operate as a social hub for its local community.

The community centre was the grateful recipient of the donation following encouragement from local KeyStore manager Lorraine Nixon, who manages the Keystore on Ashgrove Road in Ardrossan.

Nixon urged local community members to nominate local causes that were deserving of the donation with loyal customers choosing the community hub as their choice.

Nixon said: “I think that it’s fantastic that Fife Creamery has launched this initiative. The shop has a long-standing relationship with Whitelees Community Centre.

“We as a business have always felt it important to support the community and firmly believe in giving back.”

On being awarded the donation, Julie Gray, co-ordinator for Ardrossan Whitlees Community Centre, said: “A massive thank you to Fife Creamery for this generous donation which will really make a big difference.

“Also, thanks to Lorraine and her staff at Keystore Adrossan who are always helping the Centre and the Larder. I’d also like to thank the wider community who got behind us and nominated us.”

Fife Creamery believes this its initiative will help to highlight the importance of doing business within local communities across Scotland and noted a sense of duty the wholesaler has to engage with these communities.

This commitment to Scotland’s local communities remains an integral part for the wholesale firm, with Fife Creamery highlighting the new defibrillators the business had installed across its Kirkcaldy site as well as across 43 of its trucks.

A poster for Fife Creamery advertising the wholesale firm's donation initiative where local groups could receive a £1500 donation. The text reads: We're giving £1500 every month across Scotland to local community groups or causes close to your [heart symbol]. Taking part is easy. Here's how.1 Search for 'fife creamery' on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 2 In a new post, nominate your chosen local community group, cause or charitable organisation and why you chose them followed by the name of the store, cafe, venue or organisation you're in now. After that, just add #wholesaleheartedfc and that's it! Each month we will randomly select one post and send £1500 to support their valued efforts in your community. Every post supports what's close to your heart – so get posting now!
Poster advertising Fife Creamery’s initiative which will see local communities awarded a £1500 donation every month to support their work.
The firm is now urging more of its customers to come forward here to nominate more local businesses deserving of one of its monthly donations and help to make a difference to Scotland’s businesses every month.

To do so, Fife Creamery has said nominators can make a social post across Facebook, X – formerly known as Twitter – or Instagram with the name of their chosen community group, charity or cause and why you believe they are deserving of the award. Following this, nominators should include the name of their own business as well as the hashtag #wholeheartfc.

Kieran Gillan from Fife Creamery, said: “We are delighted that the very first of our monthly donations will be going to such a vital source of community support helping many families, here in Ardrossan.”