Galloway supports FareShare with grate project

Coming together to tackle loneliness and food insecurity

Gary Maclean, Scotland's national chef, stands in a kitchen with a pizza in each hand with the pepperoni on the pizzas spelling out 90,000.
Galloway Cheddar has worked alongside FareShare to help tackle issues including food insecurity and loneliness with help from Scotland’s national chef Gary Maclean.

SCOTTISH cheese brand Galloway Cheddar has announced its largest ever partnership with FareShare and Scottish food trucks to help tackle loneliness and food insecurity in Scotland.

Dubbed the ‘Galloway Gathering Project’, the new initiative sees the cheese brand working together with surplus food distributor FareShare across Scotland to set up food trucks that will cook up cheese-based dishes to help raise funds for FareShare.

The equivalent of 90,000 meals will be donated to those in need as part of the initiative which will be used at these food trucks across Scotland.

Heloise Le Norcy-Trott, marketing diretor at Lactalis UK & Ireland – the firm behind the Galloway Cheddar brand, said: “The Gathering Project is a chance for Galloway Cheddar to give back, be true to our values as a business rooted in rural Scotland, and make a difference.

“Bringing people across Scotland together over a meal or chat is simple, but we’re hoping it creates positive change that supports FareShare’s important work.

“It’s particularly special to be doing it bigger than ever this year, working with some people dedicated to their communities and food trucks who are small independent businesses across the country to come together as a force for good.

“The work FareShare and its charity partners do on a daily basis is truly invaluable and we’re all proud to be playing our part in that, to make sure there is ongoing support for those facing food insecurity and loneliness at a time when the pressure of day to day living are being felt the hardest.”

Kirsty Ford, head of fundraising at FareShare, said: “We are so grateful to Galloway Cheddar for its continued support of FareShare. We need both food surplus and fundraising to help us get more good-to-eat food to the people who need it.

“Our network of 8,500 charities and community groups across the UK are working harder than ever to support people facing food insecurity and loneliness.

“Galloway Cheddar’s generous support for FareShare through engaging initiatives such as the Galloway Gathering Project helps people impacted by the cost of living crisis come together through food and access essential services.”

The ‘Galloway Gathering Project’ will also see Scotland’s national chef Gary Maclean contribute to the effort at two events at FareShare’s regional partner sites in Edinburgh and Glasgow where the Masterchef UK winner will cook up portions of Mac n’ Cheese using Galloway Cheddar which will then be distributed to those in need via FareShare’s charity partners.

Maclean said: “I am thrilled to partner with the Galloway Gathering Project and FareShare to help address food insecurity and loneliness across Scotland.

“Sharing food is a timeless way to bring people together and strengthen the bonds within our communities. Through initiatives like the Galloway Gathering Project, we can address food insecurity.”