Fife Creamery invests in community

Scottish wholesaler brings in defibrillators to its site

People at Fife Creamery's Kirkcaldy site are no more than a minute away from an AED unit.
People at Fife Creamery’s Kirkcaldy site are no more than a minute away from an AED unit.

CONSTANT investments and innovations into your firm will help to ensure you remain at the very forefront of the industry.

That’s been the case with family-run chilled and frozen food wholesaler Fife Creamery, whose recent developments have are a continuation of its long-held tradition of innovation since it began trading in 1957.

Improvements across its site have seen the firm introduce a new state-of-the-art frozen warehouse, improve their delivery fleet and build on its sustainability efforts.

And the latest move for Fife Creamery has been one for the staff and the wellbeing of its local community.

The firm has now introduced three automated external defibrillators (AED) across the Kirkcaldy site.

The result of this means that no employee or visitor is ever more than 60 seconds away from an AED unit.

Graeme Simpson, managing director at Fife Creamery, said: “We feel strongly that it is our duty to engage with the communities that our business touches.

“Sudden cardiac arrest is unfortunately all too common in Scotland. These devices can make a huge difference to the chances of survival.”

Susan Hunter, sustainability manager at Fife Creamery, said: “Investing in AEDs and making them available on our delivery trucks will help create a safe workplace and support our local communities.”