Cereal variety for breakfast

Help make Waves on the shelves

Nesquik Choco Waves.
Nestle Cereals is set to make Waves on the shelf with new Nesquik Choco Waves.

BRINGING an alternative spin to the tradition, Nestlé Cereals has launched its new Nesquik Choco Waves.

Offering a different way to enjoy the cereal from its original chocolate Nesquik balls, the new cereal comes in a wave shape that mixes with the milk to turn it chocolatey.

The waves also contain whole grain as its number one ingredient, as well as being fortified with seven vitamins, calcium and iron. 

Along with these health credentials, Choco Waves have no red traffic lights under the UK Government’s nutritional labelling scheme.

The new launch is set to be rolled out across major UK supermarkets during the coming months.

Sarah Fordy, head of marketing at Cereal Partners UK – makers of Nestlé Cereals in the UK, said: “We’re committed to making breakfast better, and the launch of Nesquik Choco Waves will help to provide families with a delicious start to the day. 

“This new addition to the well-loved family brand is non-HFSS, has whole grain as the number one ingredient and is a tasty option that will be a family favourite in no time.”

Return of a fan favourite

Nestle Shreddies Raspberry & White Chocolate
Nestle Cereals brings back a fan favourite limited edition with Shreddies Raspberry & White Chocolate.

NESTLE Cereals has announced the relaunch of a fan favourite to the Shreddies portfolio with the return of its Raspberry and White Chocolate variant as a limited-edition pack once again.

First launched in February 2021, the Shreddies Raspberry & White Chocolate variant has been reformulated to fall under England’s new HFSS regulations.

Available now at Aldi, Lidl, Home Bargains and across other retail channels, the packs highlighting that whole grain is the main ingredient.

Sarah Fordy, head of marketing for Cereal Partners UK – makers of Nestle Cereals in the UK, said :”We’re committed to making breakfast better, and the relaunch of our popular Shreddies Raspberry & White Chocolate cereal will not only bring a fan favourite flavour back to consumers’ tables but will provide families with a delicious start to the day and be a great part of a balanced breakfast.

“The reformulated recipe is now non-HFSS, contains fibre, B vitamins and iron and has whole grain as the number one ingredient – all while offering families a tasty breakfast option.”

It would be Rude not to

Rude Health Instant Bircher Muesli Apple & Cinnamon.
Rude Health has a new Muesli variants for consumers looking for a healthier start to the day with Apple & Cinnamon.

NATURAL food and drink brand Rude Health has launched a new Bircher Muesli Apple & Cinnamon cereal.

Rolling out nationwide across this month, the new variant comes in a 375g pack with an RRP of £3.

Aiming to build on its previous launches, Rude Health said the new flavour variant uses the same base of finely milled oats before adding pieces of apple and cinnamon. The firm also said it should make a popular option for consumers looking to make overnight oats.

Camilla Barnard, founder at Rude Health, said: “We know more and more people are choosing to have breakfast-at-home in a bid to save money on their cafe croissant. However, we also know that people are short on time in the morning and so want a quick and delicious option. To meet this growing consumer need, it made perfect sense to build on the success we’ve seen with our original Soft & Fruity Bircher Muesli. 

“We hope that by adding this new softly spiced and classic flavour combination, we will help widen the appeal of our Bircher range.”