Perfetti Van Melle has a sweet match for missions

Vary it up to help meet consumer demands

Fruittella By the Sea and In the Snow packs of jelly sweets sit against a white background.
Perfetti Van Melle has pushed retailers to keep a varied selection of sweets.

CONFECTIONERY presents a lucrative opportunity for retailers but, with a wide range to choose from, knowing how best to make the most of it does bring a challenge.

But it’s the category’s variety that retailers should be making the most of, according to sweets giant Perfetti Van Melle (PVM).

The firm pointed out that confectionery offers a variety in not just flavour but in textures and formats – and ensuring that retailers have got this in spades across key lines will help to drive up sales from the sweets aisles in stores.

Mark Roberts, marketing & trade director at PVM, said: “Confectionery is one of the top five categories purchased on impulse in convenience stores and PVM is committed to helping retailers make the most of the opportunity with its best-selling products and category expertise.

“PVM advises retailers to focus on tapping into one of three key shopper missions: refreshment, indulgence – such as fruit flavours, and on the go.”

To do so, Roberts reckons that a varied range of options that are highly visible to consumers will count, as well as including a range of healthier options that fall under England’s HFSS restrictions.

As such, Roberts has shouted out PVM’s latest pieces of innovation for the Fruittella brand, with its Fruittella Curiosities.

The Curiosities jellies sweets come in themed packs that PVM said are designed to be interactive for consumers, with the sweets in the shape of different animals dependent on the pack’s theme.

Roberts said: “Now available to buy in store for £1.50 per pack, the HFSS-compliant jellies are made with 30% reduced sugar, real fruit juice and natural colouring and flavourings – all the attributes that make the core Fruittella range a family favourite.”

Single pack of Mentos Fanta flavoured sweets
Mentos Fanta was named a Product of the Year 2023 at the start of the year.

Aiming to bring in variety, Roberts also shouted out PVM’s Mentos Fanta chew sweets, that add a new texture to the category as well as a format suited for the on the go shopper.

Further to this, Mentos Fanta was also named a Product of the Year 2023 following consumer surveys, already making it a popular choice with customers.

Roberts said: “The launch saw two global power brands from candy and soft drinks join forces to make the delicious orange drink Fanta available in a chewable format.

“Mentos Fanta launched globally last year and the product is now within the best-selling fruit single lines in convenience, petrol and travel.

“PVM will bolster the hype around the limited-edition product throughout 2023 with a further £1million marketing investment, which will be expressed through a blend of out-of-house, video-on demand and influencer work.”