Fascia selection for varied needs

United Wholesale Grocers gives retailers a choice

The Lifestyle fascia is ideal for retailers who are willing to invest in their stores.
The Lifestyle fascia is ideal for retailers who are willing to invest in their stores.

A SELECTION of symbol fascias that gives shopkeepers the opportunity to choose what suits them best makes tying up with United Wholesale Grocers (UWG) a wise decision.

That’s the view of the company’s retail director, Tom Slaven, who said: “We understand that not all retailers are the same.

“As I have said before, some of them need a little help in getting over the line and that is where we at UWG come in.

“It really isn’t about the number of stores that are affiliated to us, but the true quality of the partnership that we have with our retailers, with mutual affiliation.”

Slaven cited “huge” key benefits to retailers, including the fact that the symbols give them a more professional image and a stand-out fascia with fantastic kerb appeal in a very competitive marketplace.

Other positives are regular promotions of products that are high on the consumer and shopper lists, POS support, category and merchandising advice, and support from a dedicated business development manager who helps with their every need.

UWG has three core symbol fascias – Shop Local, Shopsmart and Lifestyle.

Slaven explained: “Shop Local is very much our entry-level fascia. Lifestyle and our newly refreshed Shopsmart fascias are for those retailers who are willing to make some investment to their store or if the store is a recent acquisition and in need of improvement, such as a new floor, lighting, shelving, etc.

“The USP of Lifestyle and Shopsmart is that they are not ubiquitous. For those retailers looking for something refreshing and different then I would suggest the Lifestyle Grey format or the new and contemporary Grey and Amber of Shopsmart would be the ones to consider.

The smart, contemporary interior of a Lifestyle store.
The smart, contemporary interior of a Lifestyle store.

“Our Shop Local symbol concept is for what we call ‘entry level’ and gives retailers a flavour of what it takes to become affiliated to a symbol group.

“It provides a great platform for acclimatising to running your store to the standards required while having the comfort and security of regular and market-leading promotions on great products and brands.

“This is fundamental on delivering a great shopper and consumer experience that leads to maximising on sales and profit.”

Slaven added that, as part of UWG’s affiliation with the Unitas Buying Group, the wholesaler adhered to the Plan for Profit model.

He said this ensured retailers had the right range in-store as it offered a complete set of planograms that represent best sellers, as well as core, extended and regional ranges that were easily accessible through the Plan for Profit website and app.

When it comes to support, Slaven said: “Our team is consistent in its approach and offering our retailers solutions to help them drive costs down, to enable them to save more and ultimately maximise on sales and profit.

“We are looking at various alternatives to support our customers during 2023 and beyond… watch this space.”

UWG expects its retailers to embrace promotional compliance and execution, POS, range and stocking of fast-selling lines and NPD. They must also agree to a minimum purchase and adhere to merchandised planograms.

Slaven added: “These, along with the desire to invest, embrace technology and understand the need for a symbiotic partnership are key to mutually develop ours and their business needs.”