Worldwide options for craft beer

Yeastie Boys beer

THERE’S a world of choice out there when it comes to the beer category.

Countries from across the world can have a good reputation for their beers and KBE Drinks reckons this popularity of provenance will be key in the beer category.

John Price, head of marketing at KBE Drinks, said: “The rise in popularity of premium world beers and ciders is well known by now and should be very much on the agenda of any convenience retailer.”

As such, Price reckons New Zealand brand Yeastie Boys will be key for the world craft beer category, with a range to fit newcomers as well as those who have been drinking craft for years.

He said: “They have made such a big impact on the UK craft scene, with a portfolio that includes the Gunnamatta Earl Gray IPA, which fits the bill perfectly as a credible ‘middle ground’ option.

“Other popular Yeastie Boys beers in the range include Bigmouth, which is a 4.4% light and easy drinking straw gold ale, bursting with juicy sun-kissed South Pacific hops, and Superfresh, which is a 4.6% clean and thirst-quenching Helles lager.”