KBE Drinks brings excitement to spirits

KBE Drinks expands into spirits for the first time with four spicy new launches

Bottles of 5 Walla Chai Liqueur, Blackland Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon, Blackland Bourbon Whiskey and Makai Spiced Rum sit in a row on top of a wooden table with a blurry green couch in the background.
KBE Drinks said it hopes to bring consumers to new flavours with the new range.

BEER and cider firm KBE Drinks has expanded into the premium spirits game for the first time with four launches.

Coming to both the UK convenience and grocery channels, the new range consists of Makai Spiced Rum, Blackland Bourbon Whiskey, Blackland Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon and 5 Walla Chai Tea Cream Liqueur.

KBE said Makai is a “modern, premium rum” inspired by the Polynesia region. 

Next up are the two Blackland Bourbon Whiskeys. Both are American whiskey launches made with Texan grains, with the Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon bringing in a sweet note.

Finally, the 5 Walla Chai Liqueur is a rum-based chai tea cream liqueur that aims to bring the chai flavour to even more consumers than before.

The drink blends five spices together – cinnamon, clove, cardamom, ginger and vanilla – to help produce what KBE calls a “creamy and delicious drink”.

Shaun Goode, chief operating officer at KBE Drinks, said: “We know that, since the start of the pandemic, consumers have increasingly enjoyed mixing and making their own cocktails at home and tend to view spirit brands as an affordable luxury that they like to stock on their drinks trolley. 

“All three brands make exciting and versatile cocktail ingredients or can be simply enjoyed neat or with ice, and we hope retailers stock up to help make them a success.”