It’s the XQS factor for STG

Marketing boss talks about new nicotine pouches

Meet the maker – Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Prianka Jhingan believes the XQS nicotine pouches can be a game-changer.
Prianka Jhingan believes the XQS nicotine pouches can be a game-changer.

Who are you and what’s your role?

I’m Prianka Jhingan, newly appointed head of marketing at Scandinavian Tobacco Group.

What’s a typical working day like for you?

It’s very exciting for STG to be joining a new category like nicotine pouches.

My role centres around leading the launch of XQS from a marketing perspective, which so far means being a ‘jack of all trades’ due to the breadth of tasks involved.

It includes strategic planning to activating in the trade, as well as finding new and innovative ways to engage with consumers as a challenger brand.

The beauty of the role is that no two days look the same and that’s what I love about how dynamic and different the day-to-day is.

What is XQS’s story? When was it founded and what are STG’s goals with it?

We’ve just entered the fast-growing nicotine pouch category with the exciting launch of our new XQS range.

XQS pouches have been created in Sweden, the home of nicotine pouches, and have been available since May, competitively priced at just £5.50 and in fully recyclable packaging.

XQS has launched in a range four great flavours with a variety of strengths: Tropical, Blueberry Mint, Cool Ice and Arctic Freeze. While the Tropical and Blueberry Mint variants give users a fruity burst of flavour, the Cool Ice and Arctic Freeze variants offer minty flavour and an icy, cooling sensation.

What’s your favourite flavour/variant and why?

The blueberry mint flavour has got to be my favourite because it’s the best of both worlds, fruity with the refreshing aftertaste.

What do you think sets XQS apart from its rivals?

We really believe in this brand and think it genuinely brings something different to the market, and that’s for two specific reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, XQS is all about high quality and long-lasting flavour, which we feel confident is better than the other brands on offer out there.

We know once consumers try it, they love it! Secondly, it would be the uniquely smaller sized pouches that ensure a perfect and delicate fit under the lip.

How do you think retailers can make the most out of XQS?

Many adult smokers have been transitioning over to next-gen products such as nicotine pouches over the last few years, so they have become a really important part of the mix for convenience retailers.

To maximise sales, we believe XQS is best suited in multiple locations due to it being a new product in the category that consumers may not be aware of.

We currently offer three different display solutions to accommodate different store space availability and to ensure maximum visibility to those entering the store.

We’d also encourage retailers to use the bold and colourful branding and prominent RRP communication which will attract both new and existing consumers into the category.

And if retailers need more information, additional displays or any POS material replaced, they should contact their local STG sales rep who will make a visit at the earliest opportunity.

How can retailers encourage consumers to switch to XQS with the ban on disposable vapes coming up?

The upcoming disposable vape ban is likely to mean many consumers will be looking for alternative, next-gen products, so we’d advise retailers to talk to their regular customers to let them know what their options are.

Nicotine pouches such as XQS are likely to see a surge in sales as they offer consumers a very credible and attractive alternative due to their exciting flavours, discreet nature and ease of use.