Making sales a clean sweep

Variety remains a key component for cleaning

variety of cleaning products
Squeaky clean: A varied range will be key in driving up cleaning category sales.

HOUSEHOLD cleaning holds a year round potential for retailers’ sales.

While it is definitely worthwhile to capitalise on occasions such as spring cleaning to help drive some sales, cleaning products remain a must in households.

With such a wide category, knowing which brands to pick up can be intimidating. But DCS Group, known for the Dettol and Mr Muscle brands, reckons sticking to the trusted ones will make all the difference.

Matt Stanton, head of insight at DCS Group, said: “Household cleaning shoppers are particularly brand loyal.

“Shoppers see the leading brands as experts who provide products that are guaranteed to get the job done. During the pandemic, shoppers gravitated towards those trusted brands and sales grew.”

As such, the DCS Group said the key must-stocks for retailers will be items such as Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleaning Large Wipes 30s, Flash Bathroom Spray, Mr Muscle Advanced Power Window Cleaner, Mr Sheen Multi-Surface Cleaner Spring, as well as a host of other items included in the firm’s wide range.

And keeping this variety in stock will be an important factor in driving sales across the entire sector, including for wholesalers, as DCS reckons keeping a full range of options available means stores of all sizes can be catered for.

Stanton said: “Smaller stores will still stock a varied range, but wholesalers still need to cater for the larger stores that have the opportunity to offer an extended range.

“Some 31% of shoppers say they frequently choose household products that have fewer harsh chemicals, although the sales data implies that it is a lower proportion who actually go ahead and purchase every time.”