Biscuits for the saucers

tea and biscuits

UK consumers are a nation of tea lovers.

The only other thing that could perhaps hold a flame to the beloved brew also happens to be its partner in crime, biscuits.

But knowing which biscuits get dunked into which tea blend presents a whole new level of questioning, one that the UK Tea and Infusions Association (UKTIA) has set out to answer.

Dr Sharon Hall, chief exec at the UKTIA, reckons she has seven pairings that could suit the taste buds for consumers everywhere.

Pairing up traditional black tea with a chocolate digestive; earl grey with Jaffa Cakes; green teas with fruitier options such as fig rolls or Garibaldis; chamomile with malted biscuits; peppermint with chocolate biscuits such as Oreos; Rooiboos should fit the nuttiness of hobnobs and liquorice tea’s aromatic taste pairs up well with the Scottish biscuit shortbread, according to Hall’s research.

Dr Hall said: “While sweet biscuits are the go-to snack for more than four in 10 tea drinkers, other popular options are savoury biscuits, a piece of cake or a sandwich.”