Stores ‘will be on to a winner’

Budweiser predicts big beer sales hike

Budweiser reckons social gatherings to watch matches will drive up shop sales.

CONVENIENCE store bosses can look forward to a big rise in beer sales during the World Cup, reckons Budweiser.

The brewing giant said that aside from the huge opportunity major sporting events present for independents, the winter timing of the tournament could result in a huge uplift in at-home parties.

The 2018 World Cup saw tournament beer sales climb 18% higher than the UK average for the year, equating to an additional 1.4 million shoppers, according to Kantar.

Ahead of this year’s World Cup, 70% of consumers are already excited, with 86% of Brits planning to watch the matches, said Bulbshare, so retailers should look to start tapping into this excitement immediately.

The same survey also indicates that 70% of consumers plan to watch matches at home with family or friends.

And Budweiser thinks that while the winter weather will obviously lessen the appeal of watching games in pub gardens, beer and sport go hand in hand.

In fact, 60% of consumers intend to drink beer throughout the tournament, so a well-stocked beer fridge will be key to winning for shop-keepers this winter.

Budweiser is the official beer of the World Cup and the brand has a deep affinity with football.

As a result, 63% of shoppers plan to purchase Budweiser to drink while watching the games, according to the Bulbshare study.

Budweiser Brewing Group director for wholesale and convenience Sunny Mirpuri said: “We’ll be activating a huge World Cup campaign in the lead-up and throughout the tournament to help retailers tap into this excitement and drive sales.

“Additionally, as shoppers look to watch matches at home with friends and families, independents can boost basket spend through food and drink pairings.”

The firm has suggested retailers consider using secondary space to create
bundles, such as positioning Budweiser alongside a selection of crisps and dips so shoppers can easily grab everything they need to host the perfect viewing party.

With IGD data showing that 20% of beer shoppers make an impulse purchase decision once in-store, engaging shoppers through World Cup point-of-sale materials at different touch-points throughout can make a real difference.

Mirpuri added: “Stores need to ensure they are catering for the full range of different shopping missions throughout the tournament.

“Match days see a rise in consumers looking to stock up on chilled drinks as part of ‘beer run’ missions on the way to social gatherings. So a well-stocked beer fridge is vital.

“Additionally, as friends and families look to watch the games together, retailers should ensure they’re stocked up on mid-large packs, perfect for larger gatherings.”