Buds for the football

a four pack of budwiser bottles

BUDWEISER has kicked off its new limited-edition FIFA World Cup packs across its entire line of beers.

Available across all Budweiser bottles and can formats, the limited-edition packs include an image of the World Cup trophy and a scan-to-win mechanic for consumers to take part in.
Customers are in with the chance to win some Budweiser merchandise with the promotion and a lucky few are set to win tickets to FIFA World Cup matches as well.

With Kantar reporting that it saw an 18% increase in beer sales for the 2018 World Cup, Budweiser Brewing Group (BBG) reckons this time around will be no different for sales.
And with the tournament taking place in winter this year, this presents an even bigger opportunity for off-trade sales, according to Budweiser.

Mark Wingfield-Digby, off-trade sales director at BBG, noted how football can bring people together more than ever and pushed retailers to stay stocked up on beer well in advance for the tournament.

“Despite there still being two months to go until this first match of the World Cup tournament, excitement is already high.

“So retailers need to start looking at their in-store promotions now,” he said.