Vibrant new VK packaging

a woman holds a bottle of VK alcopop in a neon yellow dress infront of a neon yellow background
A vibrant colour for each variant is at the heart of the packaging revamp for VK.

Campaign coincides with revamp

RTD brand VK has a bold new look launched in time for the return of students to campuses across the country.

Global Brands, the firm behind VK, unveiled its new VK packaging late last month. The new-look packaging builds an identity around each flavour, with colourful labels used to highlight and differentiate each variant.

The rebrand is being supported through the #WEAREVK campaign. Marketing activity includes the brand’s first ever digital out-of-home advertising campaign, comprising ad-space buys targeting the 18-24 group that makes up VK’s core demographic.

A digital van tour also hits the road, travelling to 11 UK cities including Edinburgh.

Global Brands has estimated its outdoor advertising and van tour will result in more than 200 million impressions.

An online campaign advertising across streaming platforms such as ITV video and YouTube, as well as audio adverts on Spotify, is expected to reach three million consumers.

On-pack and social media promotions

a dj holds a bottle of green apple vk behind some dj decks
Global Brands has invested in a major marketing campaign for the RTD brand.

Further support for the revamped VK range comes in the shape of an on-pack promotion.
Ten bottles of VK will feature a Glow Up sticker, hidden in VK Mixed Packs across UK
supermarkets. The treasure hunt kicked off on 23 September, offering consumers the chance to win a year’s supply of VK.

To redeem their prize, winners are invited to take a picture of their winning Glow Up bottle and message the brand’s @vkdrink Instagram page.

If that wasn’t enough activity, VK has teamed up with Schuh in a partnership that will see the RTD brand offer giveaways across its social media channels.

Charlie Leaver, head of brand at Global Brands, said: “VK is our iconic RTD brand, and has been a key part of young adults creating unforgettable experiences since its inception in 1997.

“Following a lengthy creative process, we’ve introduced new branding that reflects VK’s
position as relevant, playful, and cool; characteristics that our Gen-Z consumers align with.

“While you may have a favourite in the range, our Gen-Z audience is actively looking for more flavour options, citing this variety as a key purchase driver.

“By adding lively, bold, and flavour-specific colours to each of our SKUs, we are highlighting this variety, and making the bottle increasingly stand out in late-night venues and across shelves.