Global Brands pushes be. RTD cocktails

Drinks firm says new range matches shopper demands

Global Brands aims to cater to the demand for higher ABV drinks with be. cocktails.
Global Brands aims to cater to the demand for higher ABV drinks with be. cocktails.

VARIETY is the name of the game when it comes to the ready-to-drink sector.

Catering to as many tastes as possible remains an important factor for RTD sales, ensuring that consumers can find what they are looking for when it comes to the evening’s drinks.

Matthew Bulcroft, marketing director at Global Brands, said: “Include core offerings from each RTD sub-category in the range. For RTD spirit & mixer, options should include gin & tonic, whisky & cola and rum & mixer.

“Cocktails should feature key flavours like Passion Fruit Martini, Mojito, Daiquiri and Piña Colada across various price points and ABVs.”

That variety in ABVs will pay off as well, according to Global Brands, as the drinks firm said that more consumers have been looking for a broader range of options beyond the standard 4% and 5%.

As such, Global has shouted out its new range of higher ABV canned cocktail options – called be. cocktails.

Available in five flavours, they consist of Passion Fruit Martini, Piña Colada and Daiquiri as well as tequila-based options with a Margarita and Paloma.

Bulcroft said: “Our introduction of be. cocktails aims to deliver high-quality cocktails at 8.4% ABV, providing value where consumers perceive significant quality.

“Utilising nitro technology where necessary and incorporating bar-quality ingredients not only enhances taste but also presentation, a crucial aspect of the cocktails experiences.”

DrinksOne brings a Zing to the off-trade with RTD cocktails

The World of Zing RTD cocktails come in paper bottles.
The World of Zing RTD cocktails come in paper bottles.

DRINKS distributor DrinksOne has acquired the World of Zing ready-to-drink cocktail brand – helping to launch the label’s range of RTD cocktails in paper bottles.

In what the brand claims to be a world first, World of Zing launched its RTD cocktails in Frugal Paper Bottles, a packaging solution featuring a 94% recyclable paperboard outer, which will help reduce plastic usage by up to 77% when compared to plastic bottles.

With a range including Kaffir Lime Picante Margarita, Blood Orange Negroni, Rhubarb Cosmopolitan, Spiced Pineapple Mai Tai, Espresso Martini and Passionfruit Martini, OneDrinks said the brand will appeal to consumers’ tastes while also diminishing the impact on the environment, with the firm claiming the bottle has a carbon footprint six times lower than glass.

Pritesh Mody, founder at World of Zing, said: “This collaboration marks a significant milestone for World of Zing. Joining forces with DrinksOne allows us to expand our reach and bring our innovative Frugal Paper Bottle range to more consumers, further solidifying our commitment to sustainable and exceptional cocktails.”