A premium price mark


ONE in three UK adults say that knowing a convenience store uses PMPs positively influences their decision to visit, according to Lumina Intelligence.

At Jacobs Douwe Egberts, the firm behind Kenco, that fact is illustrative of the need to offer retailers a range of PMPs they can use to communicate value to their customers.

Melvir Singh, category team leader at JDE, said adding PMPs such as Kenco Smooth, Rich and Decaf to shelves will “not only help to boost incremental coffee sales” but can also drive premiumisation.

“Kenco has successfully tapped into the wider market trend, as consumers look to replicate their favourite coffee shop experiences at home. Kenco’s popularity is clear, with the brand selling almost £12m value sales in convenience, making the Kenco freeze dried range a must-stock for retailers looking to boost their coffee sales,” he said.