EPOS that’s fit for the future of retail

Reposs MD Paul Landsdale talks till technology

Reposs EPOS
Reposs has been upgrading its EPOS.

EPOS provider Reposs has been reacting to pandemic trends by adding a host of new features to its solutions for retailers.

Reposs has teamed up with global payment service provider EPAY to ensure its EPOS system can provide online e-gift card services.

The EPOS system provider has also added new features to support home delivery services, including driver tracker functionality.

Other innovations in the pipeline include in-store on demand vouchers, in-store point of sale advertising screens, electronic shelf edge labels, and integration with card payment equipment supplier Dojo.

Reposs’ addition of new features to its offer comes at a time when many retailers may find themselves with capital to invest.

Paul Lansdale, managing director at Reposs, recognised that investing in an EPOS system can be a major outlay for retailers, and he offered advice for those who want to make sure they get the most bang for their buck.

“It’s important you find out as much as you can about the company you are looking to invest in.

“Speak to other retailers who have the system. Ask about the support team, where are they based etc., Ask how often the company updates their software.

“Insist on a demonstration of the software, so you fully understand how it will work.

“Be clear what you would like the EPOS system to do for your business and make sure the EPOS supplier can match this” he said.

Getting the right technical solution is one thing, but retailers also need to make sure the contract is a good fit for their business.

Lansdale outlined some of the key questions that he reckons retailers should be asking before signing up with a new EPOS provider.

“Will my system continue to work if I decide to stop my support contract? Do I own my data on my system? What happens if my broadband fails, will I still be able to trade?

“Do you offer support contracts to meet my trading hours? What are you actually signing up for? Make sure there are no hidden ongoing costs,” he said.

When a retailer does find an EPOS solution that’s right for their store, there’s still the process of getting up to speed on how it works. In this regard, training is key according to Lansdale, who added that Reposs offers ongoing training and support.

“When a customer first buys an EPOS system it can be overwhelming initially and people often quicky lose sight of why they bought it in the first place, so staggering training sessions over a period of months in some cases can help retailers to settle into the new system at their pace, making sure they get the best of each feature that is applicable to their business requirements,” he said.