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Tag: technology

Faisal Sattar says the MHouse MPos system is designed to assist c-store retailers.

Expert advice on ePOS system investment

MHouse chief operating officer Faisal Sattar explains why it is important for convenience retailers to choose the right ePOS system.

The future for c-stores

Northern Ireland store Spar Mallusk offers retailers a look into the future of convenience with its new self-service food to go technology.
Ankorstore website

Wholesale done differently

A business to business online wholesale brand has been looking to shake things up in the Scottish retail sector.
Jisp online

Browser treatment for Jisp retail app

Jisp has launched an online version of its retail app aimed at the independent retail channel.
ASDA self service age check

Computer age checks are on trial

In a first for the UK, Asda has launched an automated age verification solution for self-service checkouts on a trial basis.
Reposs EPOS

EPOS that’s fit for the future of retail

EPOS provider Reposs has been reacting to pandemic trends by adding a host of new features to its solutions for retailers.

Keep taking the tablets

MANY forms of communication and collaboration have been changed by digital and screen-based technologies and two firms with close relationships to retailing and distribution...

Could retailers turn footage into footfall?

CCTV has a long track record in security and crime prevention. But by failing to use the cameras to gain valuable insights into the...

Staying up to speed

If the claim that information is power is true anywhere it’s true in retailing. Knowing your levels of stock, current prices and margins...

Time to cross the digital divide?

IS the digital revolution boosting or hampering local stores? Can wifi, social media, web-based commerce and more make a positive contribution to a retail...
Auto Time Solutions

Biometric analysis

WORKFORCE management system provider Auto Time Solutions says that in industries like convenience retailing, which employ large hourly-paid workforces, issues such as staff lateness...