Shiny picks for the party

Halewood adds sparkle with Monochrome rums

Shining on shelves Halewood reckons.
Shining on shelves Halewood reckons.

HALEWOOD will hope opposites attract rum fans this festive season, with the launch of two Dead Man’s Fingers variants.

In time for Christmas, the Dead Man’s Fingers range has been extended with the launch of two new core variants – Black Rum and White Rum.

Tasting notes for Dead Man’s Fingers White Rum describe a spirit with “hints of vanilla and tropical fruit”, making it “an ideal choice” for creating daiquiris or mojitos.

Dead Man’s Fingers Black Rum is a navy style rum with “notes of molasses and dark, runny caramel” which Halewood said works well in cocktail serves including Mai Tais or Zombies.
Both rums are available in 70cl bottles. The Black Rum has an ABV of 40% and White Rum is bottled at 37.5% ABV.

Rachel Adams, global marketing manager for Dead Man’s Fingers Rum, said: “Since its inception, Dead Man’s Fingers has been all about breathing new life into the rum category, challenging perceptions and experimenting with the latest flavour trends.

“This approach has helped us secure strong growth for the brand, making it the fastest-growing flavoured/spiced rum range, which is also 85% incremental to category growth.
“With our new launches, we bring this same vibrant attitude to re-invigorate what are generally considered to be more traditional rum expressions and ultimately continue to grow the category and bring more consumers in.

“Furthermore, with their eye-catching gold and silver bottles, they’re guaranteed to stand out on the shelf/back bar whilst also providing great gifting options in the run-up to Christmas.”