New look for Blossom Hill

Design targets younger audiences

New Blossom Hill range
The colour palette of each Blossom Hill bottle represents the distinct wine varietal

TREASURY Wine Estates is rolling out a packaging overhaul across its Blossom Hill wine brand.

The new modern design was launched across the Blossom Hill varietals range in May, with a design aimed at attracting younger consumers to the Blossom Hill brand and new shoppers to the wine category.

The colour palette of each bottle reflects the individual varietal.

Ben Blake, head of marketing EMEA at Treasury Wine Estates, said: “As Blossom Hill approaches a milestone next year, we felt it was crucial to evolve the brand together with its audiences by introducing a refreshed look and a more sophisticated feel.”

“We know that Blossom Hill has strong brand awareness and we want to continue recruiting new and younger shoppers into the wine category, whilst reaffirming our positioning as an easy drinking, fruit-forward wine to share with friends – and the new packaging is certainly more reflective of this.”

Blossom Hill’s varietal range comprises White Zinfandel, Grenache Rose, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.